Wuxi Junteng Fanghu Alloy Casting Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized inproducing heat&wear-resistant alloy steel castings with precisioncasting,centrifugal casting technology. Our precision castings include heattreatment fixtures, heattreatment fan blades, furnace rails&wheels.We are capable of producing centrifugalcasting tubes with the diameter from 50mm to 1000mm,the length to 5500mm uppermost.Our centrifugal castings include radiant tubes, reheating furnace rollers, glass rollers, sinker rollers,etc.We are a supplier to well-known factories such as Dongwoo, Powermax,Aichelin and Fengdong .In addition, we can provide technical assistance to optimize heat treatment fixture schemes to help our customers get the best efficiency from their heat-treating operations.

■Company establishment

◆In April 2006, Wuxi Jun Teng Fang Hu Alloy Casting Co., Ltd.

◆Acquisition of import and export rights in June 2012

◆In December 2014, Wuxi Jun Teng Fang Hu Alloy Technology Co., Ltd.

◆In June 2016, Wuxi commercial testing and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established to provide professional third party material testing.

■ Quality Control

◆Simulation control of pouring process with ANYCASTING

◆Design and map the tooling with CAD and UG

◆Stress simulation analysis based on ABAQUS

◆Strict control of ISO9001 quality system

◆Sound and professional material testing and analysis equipment

You are welcome to contact us through the right contact. Thank you for your support for us for a long time!
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